Hansel and Gretel Nursery School Fun Activities

Click Below for Our Monthly Progress Report and Registration Packet:

Hansel and Gretel Monthly Progress report

Hansel and Gretel Registration Packet - 2016-2017

Field Trips:

Six to eight field trips are taken each year to the following places:

  1.   Colonie Town Library
  2.   Colonie Police Station
  3.   Loundonville Firehouse
  4.   Local EMS
  5.   Haunted Halloween Outing
  6.   Palace/Proctor Theater
  7.   Five Rivers Environmental Center
  8.   Bowling Alley

Special Events:

Exciting and fun events throughout the school year include:

  1. Tie Day
  2. Supermarket Day
  3. Hat Day
  4. Beach Party Day
  5. Pajama Party Day
  6. Alphabet Party Day
  7. Teddy Bear Picnic Day
  8. Book Author Week

Guest speakers come to the school to discuss and educate the children on various topics.  Some of the guest speakers include policeman, fireman, nutritionist, and a dentist.  At Hansel and Gretel Nursery School, we place a lot of emphasis on the holidays with parties and celebrations.  The children are encouraged to make gifts for their parents during the holidays.  No religion is taught.

Other Activities Scheduled Throughout The Year:

The Hansel and Gretel Nursery School Treasure & Reward Box of Surprises - This is a highlight for the children.  They will be allowed to pick a reward from a treasure box after successfully completing a task.

Written monthly progress reports (academic and social progress) - Click Here for Hansel and Gretel Monthly Progress report - Each child will be tested and recorded individually to keep track of their progress in school.

An annual school picnic will be held at the end of the school year where all family members are welcome to attend.

Graduation ceremony with diplomas and personalized awards for each child.  This ceremony is held at the school where all family members and friends are welcome to attend.

Personal Conferences - There will be conferences with parents to discuss their child's progress in school upon request.

Digital photos are taken of the children at school and all events.  These photos will be emailed to the parents of the children who attend the school.

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