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I am happy to announce that Hansel and Gretel Nursery School is celebrating its’ 44th year of providing
preschool education in the Capital District Region. I’m proud to say more than 5,000 children have
graduated from Hansel and Gretel Nursery School and many of the alumni now have their children attending
the nursery school. Many former students have stopped in to say hello and reminisce about their nursery
school days. I am proud to say that a large percentage of my present students have parents who were alumni
of Hansel and Gretel Nursery School. I hope that the future graduates have as many happy memories as
those do in the past.

The overall objectives that will be stressed with both groups are socialization, independence, selfconfidence,
completing a task in the time given and following directions in a group situation. Upon
completion of our program, the children should have an easy year in kindergarten and should be at the top of
the class in kindergarten. They will feel that they can do anything that is presented to them with ease and

I feel that after 44 years, the program is best designed to prepare your child with a fun learning
preschool experience. My program will make your child a well-rounded child both socially and academically for
their school years ahead. The most important characteristic your child can take with them when they enter
kindergarten is a feeling of self-esteem that they can tackle anything that is presented to them. For
children to be great students, they need to feel confident and good about themselves. Hopefully, all our
students will gain this by the end of our program. My goal for your child is to love to come to school and
realize that learning can be fun.

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